28 Apr 2014

The Global Game Has Changed : What Role For Europe-Africa Relations?

The conference intends to look back at what the EU-Africa partnership has achieved so far – including the outcomes of the IV summit – and exchange views about the opportunities and challenges to EU-Africa relations now as in the next few years, in a context of rapidly evolving continental and global dynamics. Having as basis the need for a political and mental shift in these relations, the debates will focus on:

The main changes in the priorities, needs, expectations and ambitions of both continents in recent years, assessing what has been achieved and how persistent challenges have been addressed;
The added-value of EU-Africa relations vis a vis the growing diversification of flows and partners for Africa, as well as the potential for increased dialogue and cooperation between this multitude of players;
What should the partnership aim at in the near future and where should both parties focus on to ensure broader participation, improve cooperation and reinforce political dialogue, including on global issues:

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Photo courtesy of Glyn Lowe

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