Add your voice to the Africa-Europe debate

We want your blogs on Africa-Europe relations

We want to know what you think are the important topics in Africa - Europe Relations. 

This blog provides a space for debate and discussion on all the key issues. 

We want as many voices as possible and that’s where YOU come in.

Blog guidelines

The blogs need to be no more than 800 words.

They can cover any topic you like as long as it is relevant to Africa-Europe relations.

Some suggestions of key topics include:

  • Reflections on the Joint Africa-EU Strategy (JAES)
  • Review of the EU regional strategies in Africa
  • Review of the role of the European External Action Service (EEAS) in Brussels and in Africa
  • EU support to governance and democratic reforms in Africa with a particular focus on North Africa
  • Issues of conflict, security and resilience
  • Mobilising domestic resources and innovative sources of financing for African regional integration
  • Managing extractive sectors for development
  • How to boost intra-African trade through the strengthening of the role of the private sector?
  • The impact of the emerging economies on Africa-Europe relations
  • Promoting food security in Africa
We are keen to create a space for the widest possible debate – including key partners from both Europe, Africa and beyond.

If you also have videos, podcasts or other forms of multimedia – we are happy to include these as well.

To get involved send a brief email with your idea, the topics covered and relevant background information to Rhys Williams email:

Follow the debate on Twitter by following @ECDPM on twitter, +ECDPM on Google+ and use the hashtag #AfricaEU2014 or #EUAfrica.

For background information, read ECDPM's Dossier on Africa - Europe Relations. Now the 4th Africa EU Summit has passed - have any of the predictions on the Roadmap forward, and can you add your own perspective for 2014-2017?


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