6 Feb 2014

infographic thursday: food and nutrition in Africa and the uk

This infographic from Send a Cow shows some useful stats about food and nutrition in African countries and the UK.

This can be used to start a discussion about how food is grown, what we eat and who grows it. There are also opportunities to talk about who holds the 'food power' in these settings. They suggest getting school pupils to do some research and make up their own food and farming mini-infographic?

Declared the United Nations (UN) Year of Family Farming and the African Union (AU) Year of Food Security, 2014 will be particularly interesting, with key challenges for family farming in terms of policy directions, international processes and efforts on the ground. Read ECDPM’s recent blog on the Top 10 reasons 10 reasons why 2014 is the year for family farming.

This infographic was originally published by Send a Cow 


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