25 Feb 2014

Tick, tock: EU-Africa Summit almost a month away

Just over a month away in April, the European Union will be meeting with the African Union for the first EU-Africa Summit in three years. It will mark a monumental step in EU-Africa relations, as they deal with key issues, but what are those issues and why is it important?

We can help you with that. The European Centre for Development Policy Management has been working on EU-Africa relations for over 25 years. 

We helped break the story on the recent EPAs deal between West Africa and the EU, and released a publication on the big challenges ahead for the two continents. The aim of ECDPM is to facilitate efforts to revitalise and deepen relations between Europe and Africa.

We have jointly ran three events in the last year on EU-Africa relations: Building a Sustainable Partnership for the Future?Looking Beyond 2013
Are EU-Africa Relations Still Fit for Purpose?
, and Making EU-Africa Relations Future-Proof (with the African Union Commission)

Experts from ECDPM, both from Europe and Africa, are available to comment and provide key information on issues ahead and during the Summit, to give an independent perspective on the topics.

This Friday (28th February) Faten Aggad, Programme Manager at ECDPM's Africa’s Change Dynamics programme will be answering questions online about EU-Africa relations. 

We cover five areas:
  • Strengthening EU External Action
  • Conflict, security and resilience
  • Economic Transformation
  • Africa Change Dynamics
  • Food security 
We also run this blog on EU-Africa relations here, and have been bringing the issue online using the hashtag: #AfricaEU2014

If you are interested in getting in touch to discuss possible op eds, comment or want to know more ahead of the Summit. Please email Emily Barker at eb@ecdpm.org

Check out our media page here.


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